Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Decision

So why even the idea of boarding school? Why would you even want to move somewhere away from home for high school? Well those were the questions my parents asked me after I asked them about applying to a few schools in America. So what were my reasons for wanting to leave home and start my journey in another country. Well, I'm actually from The Bahamas, and I love my home and the island life. However, one day I want to attend university in the states and I knew that it would be a lot easier to apply for the school and scholarships if I could graduate from an American school with an IB diploma. So I had friends who already went to and who are attending  boarding school and they told me about how amazing their experiences were and it only made me want to go more. I did my own research about boarding schools in general and decided to look for schools mainly in Florida because it not too far from home and because it has similar weather as my home.
Image result for floridaSo, my search began online on an amazing website that made it so much easier to see my options, boarding schools review and the two --schools that stood out to me was North Broward Prep School or St. Andrews School in Florida. I like both of the schools and they both had very high level education and they both provide great boarding systems. I applied to both and got into both as well. I loved both schools, but in the end I chose North Broward Preparatory School in Coconut Creek Florida. I think that decision was made mainly because I truly liked the setup more and thought it was better move for me and because they offered me a scholarship that would make moving much easier for my parents.
The process was not easy making the final decision to leave home and come to Florida but I wanted that and my parents wanted the best for me and were willing to help me make the move. So, then the decision came my own. Should I leave home, my family, friends and everything I knew to start over? I think that final decision was the hardest to make overall. And I was warned that this wasn't going to be easy and it comes with a lot of responsibility but I believed I was ready. My friends didn't want me to leave, but they weren't going to stop me from living my dream so they let me go  the condition that I would call them everyday with the latest with me. But, then I remembered why i wanted to leave in the first place. For the better future and yes, it was hard to think about leaving to live in a new environment but I knew it would be an adventure and I was excited for all the experiences I was going to have. And then the next step came, coming to Florida, moving into the dorms at and I think that anyone who ever went to boarding school or wants to attend boarding school knows that this will be a very interesting week!
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